Luxury vinyl flooring could be just what you need

When you need a versatile material for your floors, luxury vinyl flooring could be just what you need. They offer stunning visuals, outstanding durability, and a lifespan that will be worth your time, especially if you don’t want to replace your flooring too soon. But there are many other benefits to this flooring line, and you will want to know about them all, so read along for more information.

Luxury vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring facts

You will need to know a little something about each one to choose between luxury vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring. For instance, the most significant difference between the two is the format, so if you prefer tile over the plank or vice versa, then one will serve you better than the other. But there are plenty of similarities that make either one of them a perfect choice as well, so be sure to consider all your options as you shop.

Excellent durability is a prominent feature that helps these floors perform nicely day after day. A layered construction offers stability and functionality that lasts for years, while a top wear layer protects against daily wear such as stains, scratches, and dents. The result is a floor covering that can easily be placed in the busiest areas of your home with a lifespan that can reach an average of 20 years.

These floors are easily installed, and the service can usually be completed in a single day unless your remodel is a large one. They are also easy to clean and maintain, as necessary. If you have questions about these materials, be sure to visit us and speak with a flooring specialist for all the answers you need.

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Please keep in mind that the "square footage price" can be very misleading and there are many variables that may or may not be included in that price and the quality of what is included can vary tremendously from company to company. Also, every company has different standards for measuring and measurements can also vary significantly from one company to the next. The only true way to know the cost of a project is to receive an itemized quote in writing which East Coast Flooring provides at no cost or obligation to purchase.

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